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February 28th 2012 -- THRESHER

Sorry for the lack of updates and activity lately, I've been very busy with work. If anyone wants to organize a cup in the interim

and use our servers, feel free to contact me and we can arrange that! :) I'd like to see the servers used for any activity, as I'm paying

for them out of pocket. When I can get some free time, I'd like to arrange a quick cup which may/may not have a stream, but just for

fun and lulz.



Season 2 VODs 


  Congratulations to Chiefin on winning the grand finals and becoming the winner of the “Just Player” Painkiller Duel Cup Season 2!!

  English( brought to you by )

Russian( Thanks to eThaD over at )


Nome Gioco Tipo Partecipanti Creato Progresso
Just Play - Painkiller SE 15 12-13-11